Central Intersection

A place where ideas on health, fitness and awareness come together to help make sense of our bodies, relationships and careers. The Central Intersection is where ideas from many sources are connected to help create a unifying theory. I feel I need to add a common sense disclaimer so... This blog is designed to be a dialogue of discovery. It is not intended to serve as medical advice or diagnosis.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Who Am I To Tackle Such A Task?

Who Am I To Tackle Such A Task?
Or In Other Words: My Common Sense Disclaimer

This blog is designed to be a dialogue of discovery. It is not intended to serve as medical advice or diagnosis. My suggestion for anyone who reads this is to question everything, run the ideas by the professionals you work with…ask them for detailed answers and explanations for why they agree or disagree. If you encounter resistance and/or anger question THAT as well. The situations that have brought me to the ideas I will explore in this blog start in early childhood and are as diverse as one can imagine. My family experiences helped me to develop interest in and knowledge of international travel, farm life, nutrition, heath, spirituality, values and a love of books and learning. On my own I pursued a career in modeling and acting. While not as financially lucrative as I may have hoped it brought me a wealth of knowledge and experience. During this time I lived all over the world, met people and saw and did things that few people ever get the chance to in a single life. My scholastic background is in research science and sports medicine. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). Athletic Trainers are an athlete’s first contact for any medical problems they have regardless of their origin. I was fortunate to study in a premier program at the University of Colorado with a diverse population of athletes. In this program I worked closely with the team Primary Care Physician, Orthopedic Specialist, Psychologist and Nutritionist. I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology, with honors through the engineering department and as the president of the Pre Med Honor Society. In my junior year, during Desert Storm, I studied abroad in Australia which provided me the chance to experience the medical profession in an entirely different way, it significantly changed my view on the 'American Perspective'. My interest in health and science was so intense that I felt the only way to satiate it was to reach the highest levels of education in the field. Having been rejected for entrance into medical school and becoming disenchanted with the process and the profession I went on into an entirely new field, small business and retail management. I now help my husband with his many business ventures including a computer company, importing and a ski shop. I am exploring a writing career and honing my accounting and financial skills with day trading. In exploring my own dyslexia, medical issues, relationships and life challenges I have delved into research from all over the world and from many different schools of thought. My scientific approach and widely varied experience has helped me build bridges between many apparently unconnected ideas and disciplines. Many religions teach that EVERYTHING is connected. I am having fun discovering some of those connections. I hope you find the information helpful on your journey and invite you to share your insights with me.

Kjerstin Klein

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Joining The Fray

I am a Blog Newbie and I enter into this fray with some trepidation. I have set myself a daunting task and worry that I won't be able to do it justice. The idea of pulling knowledge, collected from the people I know, the books I read and all that I come in contact with together into some useable, understandable format seems impossible. Yet I have found myself, quite often I might add, having what I refere to as 'Ah-Ha Moments'. Where, by some odd fate, an idea is bouncing around in my head when another piece of information bounces into it and a connection is formed - two, seemingly unrelated pieces of information create a new understanding of 'The Big Picture' and a new road is formed...this road is a whole new universe to explore, opens doors that have not been open to me before and I feel as if I am able to fill in gaps in my own personal map of the universe.

It is my intention for this blog to be a place where these Ah-Ha Moments are shared - or even created as I piece together my own personal map of the universe. It is my hope that others will add to the information, share their knowledge as well as their Ah-Ha Moments.

I feel it is important to note that the universe is a dynamic, ever-changing entity and to think I can 'map' it is a bit sophmoric. It is not my intention to define it so that I can know it...that is simply a cry for control. The idea of mapping it is merely a way to set sign posts up, bread crums maybe, a way to identify where we have travelled and relate what we have discovered to the next traveller...turning on the lights so when we pass that way again we don't have to feel our way in the dark. I caution each person who reads my blog to challenge everything. Don't accept it out of hand. Flush out where I have made inappropriate connections and hold each idea up to your own light to see if it FEELS right before accepting. In accepting it also be willing to let it go if new information challenges it. Never cling to an idea...even if it was 'right' at the time that can easily change - allow for it to change and rejoyce in it.

I invite you to explore with me!